Fast, short-term private hard money funding for property purchase and rehab.

Fix and Flip Private Hard Money Loans

Designed for the purchase, rehab, and sale of an investment property.

Approval and Terms in 24 Hours

Single Family Residential and Multifamily (2-6 Units)

Private Loans from $50K-$1.5M

No Appraisal Needed

6-12 Month Terms

No Junk Fees

Jose G.
Real Estate Investor
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Six business days from loan application to funding! I thank the Loan Mountain team for their speed in making it happen! Your team can definitely work quicker than the rest!
Amanda L.
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Loan Mountain funded in just a few days! Plus you guys were able to fund my draws faster than any other lender I've used. Would definitely recommend.
Mike N.
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Nick and his team were great to work with! They helped me through the process and were totally up front with everything. They are professional and fast.

Loan Mountain Difference

Fast, Reliable Funding

Our fast fundings and draws empower our borrowers to win more deals and finish projects faster.

Locally Operated

Locally owned and operated. Our team has local knowledge and construction experience.

Relationship Lender

We never sell off our loans to third parties or outsource loan servicing. This means we work with you from initial funding through your final payoff.

Path to Approval

From Rookies to Pros

Regardless of your experience, we'll tailor a solution that works best for you.

Down Payment

Depending on investor experience and the property, down payment requirements will vary.

Project Information

Submit your project's purchase price, rehab costs, and estimated value of the property after repairs to receive a customized term sheet within hours.

Credit Score

We have no credit requirements but having good credit has its benefits.